Respite Care Services

Are you caring for a loved one who has Intellectual Disabilities? We understand that friends and families of those with ID care deeply for these individuals and do all they can to see to their needs; however, we also understand that providing constant care can be quite taxing for even the most patient and loving families.

For this reason, we provide trained staff to spend time with clients in either the home or the community. Improve the quality of your loved one's life through engaging and entertaining activities during scheduled periods, usually for a few hours at a time, on agreed upon days. This allows you some personal time without worrying about the well-being of your loved one.

Personal Assistance

Services are intended to assist the individual with bathing, dressing, grooming, feeding, exercising, toileting, positioning, medications, routine hair and skin care, and transfer or ambulation. Many times all an individual needs is a helping hand and a supportive voice to assist them with everyday needs.

Vocational & Job Placement Services

Vocational assessment and job placement is performed through the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services. Through an assessment training class, we ensure someone is capable of working, and we match them with available jobs. Personalized service ensures that individuals and employers are well-suited to each other.

Community Support

If your loved one with ID needs help learning how to do laundry, cook, interact with others, or be independent, our compassionate caregivers work 1-on-1 to ensure their needs are met. Your loved ones will learn to live as independently as possible, whether it's through social interaction or simply balancing a checkbook.

Contact us today about respite care for ID adults or children.

Contact us today about respite care for ID adults or children.

Did you know?

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